Hair Roller Braiding Tool

  • $5.00

Take half the time that it takes to braid your hair with the Hair Roller Braiding Tool! This will make your morning easier or if your rushed to go somewhere but might not have the time to hand braid your hair! Makes a perfect gift for anyone that likes to wear there hair in a braid! This is a simple and easy to use tool that will really make you wish you got one sooner! 

1.Starting at the nape of the neck, divide them evenly
and place each section through the side slots on the crisscrosser
positioning the tool with the waves behind your hair.
2.Using the thumb and forefinger, slide a small section of hair out from one opening, cross it over the front of the tool, and place it as deep into the opening as possible.
3.Now repeat step 2, but take the section of hair from the other opening, cross it in front of the tool, and move it deep into the new opening.
4.Alternate steps 2 and 3 down the entire length of hair, until a complete braid is formed.Secure the braid with your favorite hair band.


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