Vacuum Sealer

  • $72.00

Keeping your food and other types of herbs vacuum sealed is required to keep your food from rotting or becoming contaminated. This product will save you money by being able to vacuum seal leftovers or certain foods that you might not want to cook straight away! If you say yes to this question then this product is a must for you! Have you ever gotten a package of meat or vegetables that you may only want to eat a certain quantity of but know once you open the package it will not be as fresh if you throw it in a ziplock baggie? Well, this product solves that by vacuum sealing all the air out of the plastic baggie that would be near impossible with the conventional ziplock baggie. 


 The automatic intelligent operation, one button design, makes it easy to operate
- Manual operation, stop the operation manually to control the vacuum and seal
- Independent sealing, only applicable to the normal plastic bags
- Vacuum motor works with low noise and has a long lifetime
- Suitable for packing vegetables, meats, fishes, cooked food, etc.


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